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Here's What Our Clients Have To Say...

I'm grateful for Dr. Marnies professionalism, education, experience and knowledge. She's helped me immensely with issues that traditional western medicine couldn't resolve. I highly recommend her.

Could nowhere near enough words to express my deep gratitude for Dr. Marnie. She came into my life at my most needy time. I appreciate her attention, eye contact, genuine care, and have been way more successful bettering my life health with her in 3 months than with my GP in 20 years. Never have i experienced this standard of care in my 53 years. Huge Thank YOU!!

Dr. Wachtler is exactly what you would hope for in a Naturopath. Someone who listens and understands, and really takes the time to think about what is going on with your health concerns. She doesn't just push expensive testing, drugs, supplements or remedies, and doesn't require numerous lengthy sessions to see results. She does direct billing and even works on the weekend. I recommend her to everyone who might need the care of an experienced naturopath and can confidently say you're missing out if you don't utilize her for your health concerns. Her depth of knowledge alone in many areas of medicine, natural and western, as well as assistance in navigating the medical system, have been extremely beneficial to me. And being able to pop by a quick B12 injection as well as an ultra-quick check-in - AMAZING!

Marnie takes the time to listen to the full story before making decisions. I really love how she talks out-loud so I can hear that way her brain is thinking. For someone with complex health issues, having options are super important as well as understanding the "why". I really appreciate that Dr. Wachtler takes the time to do this.