July 2015


Acne & Stress?

23.07.2015 in Beauty, Resources

Acne and Stress, Yes ¬†these two are working together! The more stress we are under the more hormones our body will produce. These hormones such as cortisol can cause our blood sugars to go all out of whack. When the blood sugars rise in response to stress our skin can get the brunt of it. What to do? 1) Decrease your load- Learn to say “no” to some of those extras that you don’t really need to do. 2) Ignore your cravings- Those cravings for high…

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Allergy Treatment for Seasonal, Environmental & Pet allergies

15.07.2015 in Health Information, Tests

Allergies have been in full force this year; for much longer and becoming much stronger than ever. Kick those allergies in the butt and find out which are the top offenders and treat them at home. That’s right, no allergy shots! Our new skin scratch test is available to asses 9 different allergens: Cats, Dogs, Grasses, Dust, Mould, Ragweed, Tree pollens, Weed mixtures Non -invasive innovative treatment for allergies called: Sub-Lingual Immunotherapy Treatment (SLIT) Here is the who, what, when, where’s… What is SLIT? Sublingual immunotherapy…