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Natural Treatments for Thyroid Problems

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Dr. Marnie can also determine if you are at risk for the development of chronic disease and keep an eye on your blood lipids & cholesterol, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, thyroid function and overall metabolism.

Dr. Marnie offers a full range of thyroid testing and remedies to treat thyroid disorders naturally. Dr. Marnie will start by assessing you and your symptoms and after a physical exam she will recommend laboratory tests that are specific to investigating the thyroid. A simple Thyroid Questionnaire can aid Dr. Marnie with her diagnosis and treatment strategies.

Comprehensive Thyroid Blood Tests:

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  •  TSH: This is the stimulation signal from the brain given to the thyroid for production
    of active thyroid hormones. This is helpful in diagnosis of hyperthyroid, hypothyroid (slow thyroid)
    and autoimmune thyroid conditions. This can be a core cause of slow metabolism, inability to lose
    weight, fatigue and sluggish foggy thinking.
  • T4/T3: Thyroid hormones produced by the thyroid bound by a protein also indicated with
    symptoms of low thyroid.
  • Free T3: Unbound and active thyroid hormones; high and low of these can help with
    diagnosis of hypo or hyperthyroidism.
  • Free T4: Unbound and inactive thyroid hormones.
  • Rt3: Reverse T3 – upside down (inverted) inactive thyroid hormones, often found in high
    cortisol patients and potential heavy metal storage can be a cause of slow thyroid symptoms.
  • TPO: Thyroid Peroxidase – Important for those suspected of autoimmunity to ward their
    thyroid. 90% of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and 75% of Gave’s Disease patients will have these present
    in the blood. Symptoms may include no improvements despite given medications for the
    hypothyroid, inflammation and family history of the thyroid and auto immune disorders. Dr Marnie specifically uses specialized herbs and dietary protocol to down regulate the immune system and reverse the Hashimoto’s.
  • TGI: Thyroglobulin antibodies – Found in 70% Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis of this is a protein
    that binds to the thyroid causing the body’s metabolism to slow and making the thyroid hormones unable
    to bind to cellular tissue.

Results of these laboratory tests will determine a path to treatment, where we would choose helping
herbs for the thyroid, desiccated thyroid treatment, heavy metals testing and detoxification, and immune
system regulation.

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