Genetic Testing Calgary

Why Do a DNA Test?

Our genes can tell us a lot of things but can be confusing and scary too.

With reports on over 100 health conditions and traits, there are many things you can learn about yourself! Genetic information can tell you the resistance you have to drugs, familial traits, inherited conditions, and potential risk factors.

We recommend going to 23 & and ordering a test kit to be delivered to you door. The cost is $199USD and about 6-8 weeks wait. Dr. Marnie can take the raw data from this test and put it into DNA program.

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The DNA program tells us about your predispositions to health and we can see optimally what vitamins, minerals and sources are best for your health.

Knowing your genetic pool can be liberating. Knowledge is powerful used in the correct way.

Book an appointment with Dr Marnie for your genetic data to be interpreted.