Lab Services Calgary

What Tests Do Naturopaths Do?

Comprehensive assessment of our specialized labs ranging from local Canadian and United States based labs. Dr Marnie uses Saliva, Serum, Bloodspot (finger prick), and Urine testing to test for all complex issues with the body.

Food Allergy & Sensitivity Testing: Serum blood  IgG testing can be one way to test for food allergies with out the long arduous process of eliminations and challenging diet. One vial of blood or a finger poke and droplets of blood are sent to an outside lab for processing. The results will be about 2 weeks to come back, it will outline severe, moderate and no reactivity foods. We will go over the result and eliminate the most important foods first. After a period of elimination we will re introduce the foods systematically. Most foods at this time will be able to be continued eating on a moderate basis guided by your needs and the Doctor.


Urinary Organic Acid TestingOrganic Acid Testing, OAT for short, requires a small sample of first morning urine which is analyzed for organic acids, common products of metabolism. The OAT is known for being a very comprehensive, highly cost effective way to assess the health of your metabolism.


Genomic Testing & Genetic Profiling: Genetic Testing has been really useful in helping us figure out complicated cases. It shows a person’s predispositions and genetic tendencies. Possible intervention could include a B12 vitamin methylation problem that decreased your metabolic capability to make neurotransmitters and energy metabolites that we may otherwise assume that you have.


Chemistry Panels, CBC, Ferritin: It’s Important to know and start with the basics. Calgary Lab Services will fill our request to have these blood panels done. Cost for services will vary depending on the lab’s requisition by the doctor.


Thyroid Serum Panels & TPO (thyroid antibodies): Thyroid Labs are often important to look the whole picture of T3 ( the active thyroid) T 4 ( inactive) and TSH ( the stimulatory factor) Other thyroid labs can include autoimmune screening with TPO antibodies and Reverse T3. Reverse T3 is factor produce in error and can’t be utilized.


Heavy Metal & Toxic Element Analysis: Using Urine collections in a timed or 24 hour period we can asses the heavy metal burden on your body. Specialized labs will take the urine and test it for elements and metals giving us perspective on the storage of metals in the muscles, bones and brain tissues. Using a provoking agent we can determine the amount pulled out of storage and thereby your heavy metal burden. We then can prescribe the protocol to address the metal or elemental to remove.


Hormone Testing & Fertility Profiles with Serum and Saliva. Saliva can show the tissue absorption of Hormones. The serum show the circulating hormones timed right in the cycle. Timed correctly we can see peak Estrogen and Progesterone levels in relationship to the menstrual cycle. This can be helpful in re- establishing a regular cycle, treating irregular cycles, PMS, and hormonal imbalances including acne and Fertility management.


Stool, Parasitology, and Yeast Culture Testing: Digestion is key in health.  Naturopathic doctors can utilize specialized labs to determine your source of digestive discomfort. If its not the food your eating perhaps screening for yeast, parasites, Probiotics, enzymatic reaction of Fat strain, Carbohydrates and proteins.


If you are Interested in Laboratory testing Dr Marnie will see each individual for an initial one hour consultation and recommend labs that may be useful in investigations for you optimal health.  Book an appointment with Dr Marnie here.