Heavy Metals and Element Testing

Assessing the load and burden on your body of metals can be of great importance.

This test is useful for the following symptoms and/or ilnesses:


Toxic Element Exposure

Bone Density
Cardiovascular Disease
Dermatitis or Poor Wound Healing
Detoxifiction Therapy
Gastrointestinal Symptoms
Immune Function
Impaired Glucose Tolerance
Kidney Function
Nutritional Deficiencies
Parkinson’s-like Symptoms

Past exposure to metals can be provoked in a challenge and assessed in the urine.

Using the urine we can look at the following metals and elements:


Aluminum Calcium Iron Nickel Strontium
Antimony Cadmium Lead Palladium Sulfur Uranium
Arsenic Cesium Lithium Phosphorus Tellurium Vanadium
Barium Chromium Magnesium Platinum Thallium Zinc
Beryllium Cobalt Manganese Potassium Thorium
Boron Copper Mercury Selenium Tin
Bismuth Gadolinium Molybdenum Sodium Tungsten

Your results will come back after 2-3 weeks and may look like this:

After we see the balance of metals that may be a burden on you we will chelate the metals out. We use a variety of natural helpers to pull metals out through the urine. This can be via oral or intravenous techniques.


If you are interested in the testing with Dr Marnie please book a consultation to discuss the options for you here.