Weight Loss Calgary

How To Lose Weight Naturally

hyperthyroidism symptomsWeight loss is a tricky task for many people in our modern world. Stress, exhaustion, addiction, food restrictions, emotional triggers, undiagnosed medical conditions and a lack of time for oneself can all contribute to our own personal struggles with weight loss. Working with Dr. Marnie will provide you with a guide to navigating weight loss in a manner that is healthy and sustainable for you and your lifestyle. Treatments may include; dietary counselling, exercise counselling, mineral & vitamin IV therapy, acupuncture, supplements, food sensitivity and allergy testing and/or hormone testing.

Dr. Marnie can also determine if you are at risk for the development of chronic disease and keep an eye on your blood lipids & cholesterol, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, thyroid function and overall metabolism.
Naturopathic medicine takes a look at you and your life as a whole when deciding how to treat and finding out your personal roadblocks to weight loss can make the process much more gratifying and much less frustrating.

If you and/or your family are looking to lose weight in a safe, reliable manner while improving your energy and quality of life, click here to make an appointment with Dr. Marnie. You might also be interested in reading about Food Allergy Testing, and Blood Sugar & Glycemic Control.