Blood Sugar & Glycemic Control

Blood Sugar & Glycemic Control

chiropractorBlood sugar refers to the amount of glucose circulating in the blood at any given time. The body naturally regulates how much glucose is in the blood and how much is let into cells via insulin to be used for energy production. High levels of glucose in the blood is called hyperglycemia and low levels, hypoglycemia. Diabetes mellitus is a condition of hyperglycemia often due to a lack of insulin or a lack of cell sensitivity to the presence of insulin.

The symptoms of hypoglycemia include light-headedness, feeling shaky, sweating, heart palpitations and may lead to losing consciousness or having seizures.

Symptoms of hyperglycemia and diabetes are often harder to discern and many people develop diabetes years before diagnosis, illustrating how important it is to get your blood sugar levels checked periodically. Chronic hyperglycemia can damage blood vessels, compromising blood supply to vital organs, including the heart, nerves and eyes.

Research has shown that diabetes responds particularly well to positive changes in diet and exercise. If you currently take medication to manage your diabetes, it is important that any changes made to your lifestyle are supervised by a doctor to avoid severe hypoglycemia.

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