Urinary Organic Acid Testing

Urinary Organic Acid Testing

imagesOrganic Acid Testing, OAT for short, requires a small sample of first morning urine which is analyzed for organic acids, common products of metabolism.

The test is used to identify:

  • gut dysbiosis
  • yeast and the presence of harmful bacteria
  • metabolic deficits
  • problems with detoxification
  • trouble processing proteins
  • missing enzymes
  • neurotransmitter levels and breakdown
  • signs of oxidative stress


The OAT can be a very useful screening for those with unexplained :

  • neurological issues
  • trouble focusing
  • hyperactivity
  • methylation
  • brain fog
  • behaviour disorders
  • fatigue
  • chronic illness
  • seizures, and children with developmental delays

The OAT is known for being a very comprehensive, highly cost effective way to assess the health of your metabolism.


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