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In the past 14 years of practice, I have seen an increase of the number of women delayed in the ability to get pregnant.

There are multiple reasons why this is happening, and it can be different for each woman.

We start by assessing the physical, emotional and hormonal factors for each women.This entails salivary hormone testing, Physical exam, and uterine/pelvic ultrasound to start.If unsuccessful in finding a cause, we will look further at the male for sperm morphology and count, female blood thyroid and possibly clotting factor testing if multiple miscarriages are a concern.


Setting up the body for a healthy pregnancy is very important. We can prepare the body for pregnancy by detoxing the liver, testing and reducing heavy metal burdens on the body, and supporting with optimal nutrients. We do this by using herbs, and vitamins that support ovulation and providing nutrients to a fetus.

Education on the menses cycle events, getting to know when you are ovulating and temperature charting. Dietary evaluation and directions, cleaning up the digestive system, acupuncture and heavy metal detoxification can be part of the preparation needed for a pregnancy without nausea, vomiting or fatigue.


After the baby is born, we check in with each mom for recovery and coping physically and mentally.

The thyroid is very important to asses after delivery.

Dr. Marnie has been specially trained in lactation support for latch, milk production and trouble shooting any other problems. It is a huge learning curve for mom and baby and we are here to support as much as possible during this time.