Hormones UP… or Hormones DOWN?

07 Apr 2017, by Jan Matthews in Health Information

Common chemicals in your house can cause Trouble with regulation of your hormones !

Recently it has come to my attention of how important it is to analyze your household use of products.

Check out the endocrine Disruptor List

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is one of my Favorites;  I use this site to check on the products used in my house for toxicity levels.

EWG made this list of EWG dirty_dozen_endocrine_disruptors. Its a great way to learn the basic 12 chemicals to be aware of!

This list of Endocrine disruptors that could be causing hormones to be up or down in disproportionate amounts.

If you are having troubles getting pregnant, battling losing weight, irregular or no menses, with Endometriosis, or with heavy cramping or bleeding this list is for you.

Go through your products at home; read the fine print and throw out the products with the chemicals on the list above.

My experience in practice shows this can instantly help with inducing menses and alleviating symptoms associated with excess hormone states.

If you are concerned about your hormones you can always get them tested with a simple blood test. Book your initial appointment today.