August 2016

neuralgias, sciatica

Vitamin IV Therapies / Myers Cocktail

18.08.2016 in Health Information, Resources, slider

Vitamin IV therapies & Myers Cocktail Vitamin IV therapies contain sterile water solution and water soluble vitamins.  The Myers Cocktail is a standardized formula used to help treat almost any ailment. Intravenous Vitamins bypass the digestion and therefore increase the efficacy of the dosage to get the best bang for your buck! What to expect: You will be set up with a comfy chair, some hot tea, and kick back and relax while your personalized formulated IV Infuses. The session may last 45 minutes and each person…

Avocado Superfood for Hypothyroidism

David Avocado Wolfe Presents Keys to Health

13.08.2016 in Health Information, Resources

While drinking Cashew Chocolate milk and eating Goji Berries we listened to David Wolfs keys to health. Some of his KEYS to health outlined for you here: Add Sea Salt to your drinking water to increase hydration of your overall being. Cryotherapy- Cold Cellars are being used as a treatment strategy for health. Check out more information here for a calgary site. I was surprised to see Calgary already on board with this already!! Athletes have been using Cold Therapy for all their injuries for years….


Our 2016 Garden – Keeping Basil

11.08.2016 in Resources

Preserving ! Freezing fresh basil, either in whole leaves or in puree best holds it’s flavor rather than than drying it. Freeze it whole in an airtight bag Frozen basil are used just like fresh leaves. They will shrink as they freeze plan to use slightly less frozen leaves than if you were cooking with fresh basil.   3 steps to the perfect frozen basil leaf:  Blanch it: Remove the leaves from their stem, blanch them in boiling water for 2 seconds. Ice it: Quickly transfer the blanched leaves to…


Our 2016 Garden – Starting it all…

10.08.2016 in Resources

Tilling: We started our garden construction in April and prepped the beds in early May. In the course of that preparation and for general growth, we used mushroom compost as fertilizer mixed 50/50 with black top soil from our local garden store.         Planting: What we planted: tomato seedlings first then directly seeding carrots, butter crunch lettuce, beets, kale, rainbow chard, basil, zucchini and then peas in mid-May.     Depending on where you live, the general ideal time to plant is around May 24th, Victoria day as…