Our 2016 Garden – Starting it all…

10 Aug 2016, by Jan Matthews in Resources


We started our garden construction in April and prepped the beds in early May.

In the course of that preparation and for general growth, we used mushroom compost as fertilizer mixed 50/50 with black top soil from our local garden store.






What we planted: tomato seedlings first then directly seeding carrots, butter crunch lettuce, beets, kale, rainbow chard, basil, zucchini and then peas in mid-May.

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Depending on where you live, the general ideal time to plant is around May 24th, Victoria day as this is the last cold weather full moon and so planting AFTER May 24th makes it almost certain (but do check your local weather) that the ground will not freeze again and possibly damage or kill your fragile seeds or seedlings.