January 2011

Hormone Therapy for Fertility Calgary

Fertility Testing

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Fertility Testing and Treatment Optimization is a passion for us here at Gaia Health Care naturopathic clinic in Calgary! We love to see happy people with growing baby bellies  and stars in their eyes.

Thyroid Specialist Calgary

Thyroid Disorders Calgary

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Dr. Marnie offers natural thyroid treatments in Calgary for optimal thyroid health and function, including a full range of thyroid testing and natural remedies to treat thyroid disorders.

Peanut Allergy

Food Allergies

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Dr Marnie Wachtler ND believes digestive health is a key to overall health and understanding allergies. Do you have the perfect poop? Symptoms of bloating, gas, frequent or infrequent stools are all top priority! Gaia Health Care offers in-clinic or in-home food sensitivity and allergy testing.