Naturopath Direct Billing

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Coming in September 2018 !!! We will be happy to bill your insurance company directly for your visits! These are the following participating insurance companies we could directly bill for you to be reimbursed: Johsnon Insurance Johnston Group Cowan Insurance Group Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan Desjardins Insurance Manulife Great West Life Insurance Company iA Financial Group Sun Life Financial   Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions regarding your visit ! Book you appointment on line Now!    

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Vitamin IV Therapies / Myers Cocktail

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Vitamin IV therapies & Myers Cocktail Vitamin IV therapies contain sterile water solution and water soluble vitamins. These boost your immune system, heal the body and speed up recovery all in one dose. The Myers Cocktail is a standardized formula used to help treat almost any ailment. Intravenous Vitamins bypass the digestion and therefore increase the efficacy of the dosage to get the best bang for your buck! What to expect: You will be set up with a comfy chair, some hot tea, and kick back…

Thyroid Specialist Calgary

Thyroid Health Quiz

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Take this quiz now. It will help you understand the symptoms your thyroid could be causing in your everyday life. Check to see if your thyroid is working correctly with this quiz.   Do you: Crave Sweets, Fatty foods, or feel tired all day every day? Your thyroid could be the cause! Learn more here

Meet Calgary Naturopath

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Dr Marnie Wachtler, a trusted Calgary Naturopathic Doctor that has been into natural health for over 20 years. She has been searching for health, Educating herself in health and transitioning to health. See my story here … Dr Marnie here

Genetic Testing

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Take your Genetic test information and turn it into something readable. Dr Marnie will take your 23 & Me genetic test results and interpret it for any vitamin and mineral supplements needed for personal genetic variations

Auto Immune Disease

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Today Auto immune problems are so much more prevalent Find out why and how to change your immune system and decrease attacks against yourself

Hormone Therapy for Fertility Calgary

Fertility Testing

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Fertility Testing and Treatment Optimization is a passion for us here at Gaia Health Care naturopathic clinic in Calgary! We love to see happy people with growing baby bellies  and stars in their eyes.

Thyroid Specialist Calgary

Thyroid Specialist Calgary

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Dr Marnie Specializes in Thyroid treatments in Calgary and optimal thyroid health and function, offering a full range of thyroid testing and natural remedies to treat thyroid disorders.

Food Allergies

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Dr Marnie Wachtler ND believes digestive health is a key to overall health and understanding allergies. Do you have the perfect poop? Symptoms of bloating, gas, frequent or infrequent stools are all top priority! Gaia Health Care offers in-clinic or in-home food sensitivity and allergy testing.