March 2016

Thyroid Specialist Calgary

Thyroid Health Quiz

27.03.2016 in Resources, slider

Take this quiz now. It will help you understand the symptoms your thyroid could be causing in your everyday life. Check to see if your thyroid is working correctly with this quiz.   Do you: Crave Sweets, Fatty foods, or feel tired all day every day? Your thyroid could be the cause! Learn more here


Spinach Dip Recipe With Garlic & Hearts of Palm Recipe

08.03.2016 in Healthy Recipes

This tangy dip will be the delight of your gluten-sensitive friends at your next party! Of course, should you decide to use pre-shredded cheeses, steer free of gluten-containing brands but the best option remains to shred the cheese yourself. Same thing for tortillas of course, go for 100% corn. Ingredients: Part-skim mozzarella cheese Asiago cheese, fat-free sour cream, minced garlic, hearts of palm, chopped spinach, fat-free cream cheese, garlic-and-herbs spreadable cheese, corn tortillas


Awesome Gluten-Free Bread Recipe

08.03.2016 in Healthy Recipes

Delicious gluten free bread isn’t difficult, it just looks like it should be. In many ways making gluten free bread is faster and quicker than baking a traditional gluten bread. With the right recipe and ingredients, a loaf pan isn’t even needed! This gluten free bread will bring you bread baking success!

Meet Calgary Naturopath

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Dr Marnie Wachtler, a trusted Calgary Naturopathic Doctor that has been into natural health for over 20 years. She has been searching for health, Educating herself in health and transitioning to health. See my story here … Dr Marnie here