February 2014

neuro-Transmitter Testing

Brain Deficiency Quiz

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Your unique brain chemistry (thecombination of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine, dopamine, GABA, and serotonin) controls how you think, feel, and behave. These deficiencies are the direct causes of many medical problems. Knowing how to restore deficiencies or imbalances is the way to begin Regaining your health. The results of this quiz will show you which Neurotransmitters you are deficient in, and how to correct it using supplements. By addressing your deficiencies you will be on the path to a healthier, younger you. I. DOPAMINE 1. I crave…

Active Release

Adrenal Stress Index

13.02.2014 in Tests

This Salivary hormone test requires 4 saliva samples taken throught the day. It evaluates your cortisol rhythm, DHEA levels, 17-Hydroxyprogesterone, Insulin, Secretory IgA and Gliadin Antibodies. This test is indicated for conditions such as: Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue syndrome Glycemic Dysregulation (cravings, blood sugar problems) Allergies/Autoimmune Disorders Depression/ADD Table 1: Common Adrenal Related Symptoms Inadequate Adrenal Function Hyperactive Adrenals Weight Loss / Anorexia Weight Gain / Truncal Obesity Progressive Fatigue / Lethargy Emotional Lability / Depression Hypoglycemia Glucose Intolerance Diffuse Muscle and Joint Pains Insulin Resistance…

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Click Here to view the different tests offered and to determine which test is right for you! The Alcat test is a simple, effective blood test that will determine which foods you need to avoid for optimal health.  The Alcat test has been proven successful in helping overcome: Digestive Disorders: including heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, gas and bloating Fatigue Migraines Asthma Skin Disorders Aching Joints Hyperactivity/ADD Obesity And much more You can customize the Alcat test according to your diet.  There are a variety of test panels…

Secrets for Soft, Wrinkle-free Skin

13.02.2014 in Health Information

By Dr Marnie Wachtler ND RMT Polynesian women have known for thousands of years the secret to naturally softer and smoother skin and hair – coconut oil. Manufactures of beauty products have been adding coconut oil to skin care products, soaps, shampoos and creams to capture its youthful qualities and benefits. On a daily basis, skin is subjected to free radicals from ultraviolet rays, herbicides, pesticides, food additives, cigarette smoke and other pollutants. Do you know how your skin dealing with these elements? The Skin Elasticity…

Breakfast Recipes

13.02.2014 in Healthy Recipes

Eat protein for breakfast! Dietary protein is the raw material that tells the liver to get in gear. If we don’t take in adequate protein, metabolic functions slows. Our metabolism can increase by up to 30 percent for as long as 12 hours from a high protein meal, the calorie equivalent of a 5 km jog! A high carbohydrate breakfast such as juice, cereal, pancakes, waffles, or bagels does not enhance metabolic rate. Further, eating such a meal can spike insulin levels, leading to to energy…

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Why Alcohol Increases Risk of Breast Cancer

13.02.2014 in Health Information

Background: Ethanol (all types of alcohol) is a tumor promoter and may enhance the metastasis (growth) of breast cancer.  Twenty to thirty percent of patients with breast cancer shown an increase in of ErbB2 or HER2 growth promoters. The effect of ethanol can increase the migration/invasion of breast cancer cells with the expression levels of ErbB2. Adhesion to the extracellular matrix (ECM) is an important initial step for cancer cell invasion and metastasis. In this study, they investigated the effects of ethanol on the adhesion breast cancer cells…

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What’s In Your Fridge?

13.02.2014 in Nutrition

Dr. Marnie Wachtler, RMT ND, lets you catch a glimpse into her fridge and explains the benefits of some of her favorite foods! Citrus, such as lemons and limes, are great to flavour your water drink. Not only is citrus high in vitamin C, its natural sweetness is better for you then vitamin water drinks, which are  loaded with sugar. The brown paper wrapped meat is free range and bought from a local rancher. Local ranchers can provide inexpensive antibiotic free and hormone free cattle. Greens…

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Choose beverages from the A list.  Strictly avoid those from the C list as they can be harmful to the body.       The A List The B List The C List Water 1 cup of organic coffee Fruit juice, all varieties Green Tea 4 ounces of red wine Soda pop, all varieties, diet or sweetened Black Tea Vegetable Juice Most sports drinks Herbal Tea Sweetened teas Greens First Red Alert


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Carbohydrate: Fiber Vs. Non-Fiber Serving Size The Top Veggies The Top Fruits 108 Ways Sugar can Ruin your Health!