Secrets for Soft, Wrinkle-free Skin

13 Feb 2014, by Dr. Marnie Wachtler in Health Information

By Dr Marnie Wachtler ND RMT

coconut-oil calgary

Polynesian women have known for thousands of years the secret to naturally softer and smoother skin and hair – coconut oil. Manufactures of beauty products have been adding coconut oil to skin care products, soaps, shampoos and creams to capture its youthful qualities and benefits.
On a daily basis, skin is subjected to free radicals from ultraviolet rays, herbicides, pesticides, food additives, cigarette smoke and other pollutants. Do you know how your skin dealing with these elements?

The Skin Elasticity Test can provide you with a rough indicator of your skin’s functional age. Simply pull on the skin on the back of the hand for a count of five seconds, and when letting go, count the number of seconds it takes for your skin to completely flatten back out. The shorter time it takes for this to happen, the younger your skin’s functional age. A return time of 2 seconds or less predicts a functional age of 30 years or less; a 3 to 4 second return predicts and age between 30 and 44 years; a 5 to 9 second return is 45 to 50 years; and finally a 10 to 55 second return predicts a functional age of 60 to 70 years.

Using Coconut oil as a topical skin remedy can restore your skin’s youthfulness. Coconut oil used as a lotion is best applied to the skin in small amount of its purest form. You can re-apply it once or twice a day because its unique molecular structure allows the skin to absorb it easily. However, if too much is applied at once, the saturation point
can be reached and absorption inhibited. Most beauty products contain water for quick absorption. This can result in limiting the moisturizing benefits and cause dehydration of the skin and chronic skin dryness via dehydration.

Coconut oil can also protect from over exposure to sunlight by keeping the connective tissue strong and supple.

In her clinical practice, Dr. Wachtler has successfully treated several skin diseases with coconut oil in combination with other Naturopathic treatments such as: eczema, dry cracked skin, athlete’s fungal infections, and psoriasis. Try this beautifying therapy on your skin today!