Avocado Superfood for Hypothyroidism

David Avocado Wolfe Presents Keys to Health

13 Aug 2016, by Dr. Marnie Wachtler in Health Information, Resources

While drinking Cashew Chocolate milk and eating Goji Berries we listened to David Wolfs keys to health.

Some of his KEYS to health outlined for you here:

  1. Add Sea Salt to your drinking water to increase hydration of your overall being.
  2. Cryotherapy- Cold Cellars are being used as a treatment strategy for health. Check out more information here for a calgary site. I was surprised to see Calgary already on board with this already!! Athletes have been using Cold Therapy for all their injuries for years.
  3. Use Mushrooms Every DAY! – Reishi and Chaga Mushrooms can be used every day to prevent disasters in health i.e.) Cancers, arthritis and blood clots

Check out the Recipe here for making a quick yummy treat of Cashew Chocolate Milk.unnamed-1                          unnamed

Its not too late you can Catch up with him Today At 2PM at COP more Details are here.

Hope that you will keep up the movement towards great health!

Dr Marnie