Acne & High Testosterone

Acne & High Testosterone

lower back painAcne is a well-known condition that commonly affects adolescents, but can stretch from childhood into adulthood in some individuals. It is characterized by infection of the sebaceous glands, seen as pustules, blackheads and sometimes painful, inflamed nodules across the face, chest, back and upper arms.

Treatment for acne depends on the underlying cause for its development. Sebum production, cosmetics, clothing, bacterial colonization, inflammation and shifts in the immune system can all contribute to acne. The role of diet, medications, allergies and hormonal imbalances are still being investigated and are thought to play a role in the presentation of the disease in many people.

While considered a condition of the skin, the treatment of acne is most successful and lasting when addressed from a full body perspective, allowing for healing from the inside out.

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