Neural Injections

Neural Therapy


Glass Medicine Vials and Syringe

Neural therapy involves the injection of procaine, an anesthetic, into specific points on the body. The theory is that past trauma, often marked by scars of deep cuts, nerve ganglions, or tattoos, are areas that have lost their capacity to heal and thus act as a roadblock in the body’s network of nerves. Procaine reestablishes ion transfer across the membrane of cells in the area, allowing them to clear toxins and debris and begin healing. As nerve cells heal, chronic pain all over the body is alleviated. Through the autonomic nervous system, nerves all over the body are connected, meaning that a healed nerve in one area can cure pain or improve functioning in another.

Neural therapy is used, but not limited to, treat the following: allergies, migraines, neuralgias like sciatica, poor digestion and dysmenorrhea.

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