Vitamin IVs, Myers Cocktail

01 Aug 2015, by Dr. Marnie Wachtler in Health Information, Resources

Catching some media lately is the Vitamin IVs. This has been a long standing use for us at Gaia Health Care with optimizing energy, increase healing, cancer treatments and so much more.

From anti aging remedy’s, treatment for Chronic Fatigue, or treating a cold/ flu that you can’t shake; people are loving these IVs.

Recently i have found using saline as a base solution can have added benefits for some special populations. Celebrities have been using them as recovery from a major party binge coin terming it ” the Party Girl Drip

Whats inside?

We formulate each bag specifically to your needs: Add extra B vitamins for extra punch of energy, Vitamin C to get your immune system boosted, and Magnesium for muscle cramps, Migraines, and overall tight body muscles.

How long Does it Take?

It can range from 45 minutes to one and half hours depending on dosage and strength of your bag.

What does it cost?

Cost starts at $125 depending on your quantity and concentrations of minerals.

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