MS survivor says charity’s “lost it’s way”

21 Sep 2015, by Dr. Marnie Wachtler in Health Information, Resources

Recently I just read about Matt Embry of Calgary, MS survivor.

Matt talks of the MS Society Charity ” lost it’s way ” as seen in the Calgary Herald September 2015.

Over the past ten years I have know and treated patients with MS.  I feel that it is imperative to include Dietary and Lifestyle into treatment for MS.

I have seen people that in taking control of health have shown huge improvements in MS.  Simple dietary influences, stress management  and lifestyle changes can make the difference. When it comes to neurological symptoms of MS there is  a lot of them and can be hard to track mostly because they often come and go. And wouldn’t it be amazing to keep them gone?

I applaud Matt Embry in his search in health and having found a formula that works for him.

You can view Matt’s story here:

If you are interested in a path of optimal health with MS I would be happy to guide your path.

In our initial assessment:

  • I would start with an interview of your health concerns
  • perform a physical exam in our first hour of meeting,
  • suggest blood work or other investigations to help our treatment plan come alive.

Following up on our next visit often we would:

  • counselling on diet & nutrition,
  • establishing stress management techniques
  • reviewing any lab results. Most commonly I look at the immune system and quieting its reactions with eliminating food allergies.

Every treatment plan is catered to you and your specific challenges and most commonly doing a blood test to find foods your body’s immune system is reacting to. Food allergy testing can range from $199 and up.

If you are interested with what I can do to help you call our clinic at 403-475-2120 or  Book your initial consultation with Dr Marnie ND here.